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Tollywood News: The movie Liger which was released on 25th August and didn’t go well at the box office and the entire team of Liger faced a big amount of losses. A major example of this is Warangal Srinu, who bought the entire South Indian rights of Liger for Rs. 90 crores.

Charmee and Puri refuse to compensate distributors and exhibitors!
Charmee and Puri refuse to compensate distributors and exhibitors!

The fact is, the movie Liger is in a deep loss and seems compatible, there are two other different versions of the movie. The distributors and the exhibitors shared the opinions that the producers Puri and Charmee are in huge profits. They are demanding that Puri Jagannadh should compensate all the losses with the theatrical and non-theatrical business of the movie.

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They also said, that even after compensation for all the losses because of the movie, the producers will be in profit. But according to Charmee’s point of view, she says that there is no money left to compensate. Charmi Kaur also has told the buyers that all the money has been lost because of the high budgets and wages of the actors and the entire team. Additionally, the story of the movie has already taken a lot of money.

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Moreover, the buyers of the movie are not convinced and are demanding compensation as soon as possible. We still have to wait and see what will happen next, the compensation whether takes place or not. This thing will also put Puri’s dream project, Jana Gana Mana, in a big failure.

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