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The social media has become a spot for all celebrities to let out clues about their personal lives and relationships. For example, Samantha changed her Instagram Id a couple of months before officially announcing her divorce from Naga Chaitanya. In the same way, rumors popped up when actress Swathi deleted photos of herself with her husband.

JV Chaitanya Puts an end to Rumors!
JV Chaitanya Puts an end to Rumors!

When Megastar’s younger daughter Sreeja took her Instagram down, there was a lot of news about her ending her marriage with Kalyaan Dhev. These small hints are often used by the netizens to cook up stories without any confirmation. Recently, there was a lot of talk about Niharika Konidela taking down her Instagram temporarily.

Going by the posts of her husband JV Chaitanya and her personal posts till then, things looked normal but the rumors popped up as soon as her Instagram account went down. Just when the rumors are getting out of hand, JV Chaitanya decided to put an end to all these. He came up with a few pictures of them together and Niharika was seen chilling out happily on a Saturday evening.

Niharika might have taken down her Instagram account due to other reasons but a few netizens pointed fingers at her marriage life. A lot of the public are asking them to stop assuming things and think logically before writing something irrational about others’ personal lives. Niharika was last seen in ‘Sye Raa’ and she will be acting in a couple of projects soon.

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