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Mahesh is a Superstar and heartthrob in Telugu Cinema. He has a huge fan base and they call themselves as DHFMs (Die Hard Fans of Mahesh).

Keerthy Suresh dancing to famous song alamathi habibo from beast

Well, they have a strong presence on social media and they have highly irritating nature too. At times, they tend to attack few heroines or fans of other heroes to prove a point.

Here, they started attacking Keerthy Suresh, who is part of Mahesh’s next film, Sarkaaru Vaari Paata. The actress inclusion hasn’t gone down well with them from the start.

Her flop streak has become another big reason for them to ask producers to change her. Also, they think Mahesh’s pairing with her won’t work.

Now, they have a problem with her enthusiasm towards the project. They are unhappy that she is not promoting the film, Sarkaru Vaari Paata enough. She did Gandhari musical video, she shared reels of her dancing to famous songs.

She danced for Kalavathi song from their film album too. Fans did not like her version. She recently released Halamathi Habibo song from Beast reel and fans are ultra upset.

They want her to promote Mahesh film more and stick to it, only. Asking her to promote is fine but trying to decide which she should and shouldn’t, is too much. Don’t you think so?

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