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Megastar Chiranjeevi has been proving to one another that he seriously follows Mother Teresa and her teachings.

He used to quote her all the time during his political rallies and speeches. The actor wants to be known as a compassionate individual and there is no second thought in saying that he is one!

He started blood bank, eye bank and organizes blood donation camps every year. The big star of Telugu Cinema uses his popularity to do charity programs round the clock.

Recently, news broke out that Sivashankar master, a senior choreographer, is affected by Covid and his family is unable to afford his treatment. He tweeted about the situation and asked people to help the family out.

Now, he even donated Rs. 3 lakhs to his son and asked him to take care of his father. He told the family to not worry about the situation and they can ask him even more amount whenever required.

He did help many film personalities and workers like this during pandemic and before that also.

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