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The Exodus of Hindus in the Kashmir valley is one of the dark episodes of the country. Hindus became refugees in their homeland and were forced to leave the valley. To tell the world what happened to Hindus in Kashmir, a film was made in Bollywood. Titled The Kashmir Files the film is based on the Hindus Exodus.

The film has caught up in controversy. A few people have accused the makers of twisting history. The film was released with fewer screens across the nation. Slowly, the screens have increased with public talk. Director Vivek Agnihotri is winning applause from all the corners.

As another big moment for the makers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was impressed with the film and lashed out at people who are trying to spread negativity for the film. Narendra Modi asked why people are not happy when the film showed the truth to the world.

Narendra Modi took a dig at people who are not happy with the film. Saying that people who project themselves as the warriors of freedom of speech are furious with the film

While congratulating the makers for their decision, the Prime Minister of INDIA alleged that for the past few days, a conspiracy is behind hatched. At the parliamentary party meeting, PM Modi had reportedly urged the party MPs to watch the film to stand for the truth.

It has to be mentioned here that a few BJP ruled states have supported the film and exempted the film from the taxes. On the other hand, Congress and other parties are accusing the makers of giving a false narrative.

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