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The beautiful actress Poonam Kaur made some interesting comments on film celebrities and shocked their fans. The actress is known for making sensational comments on social media against senior actors of Tollywood, is in the news again for making comments on Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan.

Currently she is busy with the promotional activities of her upcoming project Nathicharami which is going to release soon. Recently during an interview, Poona Kaur said that she has a lot of respect for megastar Chiranjeevi and added that she knew many interesting things about mega power star Ram Charan. The actress added that she wants to share them with her followers.

She concluded it by saying that it is not the correct time to disclose them. Her comments on Ram Charan created a buzz on social media and raised many eyebrows.

In an interview with a YouTuber Poonam Kaur also talked about Parbhas by saying that she likes love stories and only an actor like Prabhas can devote 5 years to a movie like Baahubali. And because of this he has achieved phenomenal success today.

Poonam Kaur is best known for acting in Ganesh, Eenadu, Souryam, and Payanam. The actress has won the award for Best Supporting actress for the movies- Nikki and Neeraj.

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