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Prabhas is one of the biggest superstars in Indian cinema now. His box office pull is next to none. The macho hero is lining up back to back projects and he is going restless with multiple commitments.

Prabhas's aunt Shyama Devi comments about love marriage
Prabhas’s aunt Shyama Devi comments about love marriage

Incidentally, the one major complaint about Prabhas now is that he is not getting married. There have been multiple reports about Prabhas’s marriage in the recent past but there has been no consolidated update in this regard.

In her latest interaction with the media, Prabhas’s paternal aunt Shyama Devi made a very interesting comment about Prabhas’s marital status.

“Prabhas’s marriage often comes to discussion in our household. The decision is his to make. We are okay with it even if he decides to go with love marriage. He has our full support in this regard. All we can do is hope that he enters the wedlock sooner than later. It will be a big celebration in our family.” Shyamala Devi said.

The fact that Shyamala commented about Prabhas’s love marriage is turning many heads now. Well, it is about time that Prabhas puts an end to the bachelorhood and enters the wedlock.

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