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Tollywood: Prabhas looks stunning in Mirchi film. Many of his fans agree that his career best look outside Baahubali films is Mirchi.

Prabhas promoting Radhe Shyam movie

Girls go crazy about that look. It is hard to recreate such look for any actor as with age several changes in body are apparent.

The actor had to get back to lean stud look for Radhe Shyam and for that he had to stick to Vegan proteins, Juices for two months.

He had to stay on vegan diet for the time he had to complete shoot of Radhe Shyam. The actor had to bulk up for Salaar, Adipurush.

He is staying in slightly slim look to Adipurush look for Project K and he might reduce some more weight for his comedy entertainer with Maruthi.

Prabhas himself revealed that for films, he is ready to do anything and he is proving that with his every film. Actor doesn’t like to let dupes or action coordinators perform his stunts. He wants to perform them himself as much as he can.

Only the most dangerous are given to professionals with safety measures in action. Hence, Prabhas is always called Darling.

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