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Tollywood: There is no denying the fact that RRR is the most anticipated Indian film in recent times. The stakes are so very high on the project that the entire Indian film industry is hoping that RRR will be the film that will pull all sections of the audience back to theatres in big numbers following its theatrical release. The film will most certainly get off to a record breaking start in the domestic and also the pan-India circuit.

RRR Charan NTR
RRR Fever is in full swing in overseas

Now, RRR mania has well and truly set in India and overseas as well. The advance bookings for RRR are expected to be opened 10 days prior to the release in India, which is an unprecedented feat for a big-ticket film.

The makers are also planning on holding a mega event in Bengaluru on the 20th of this month. The motive behind this pre-release event is to build humongous pre-release buzz to the film as it gears up for theatrical release on the 25th of this month.

As in the overseas circuit, RRR has already reported housefull in the world’s biggest IMAX projection facility – IMAX Melbourne. The IMAX management is now adding additional shows of RRR on the 26th and 27th of March on public demand. Such is the hype surrounding the action drama.

Also, RRR has already minted $850K+ in the USA market. The staggering fact is that the film is nearing the $1 million mark 17 days prior to the release which is another unprecedented feat. At this rate, the film might actually make around $5 million just from the premieres, which would be a truly sensational feat.

It is evident that RRR has emerged as the most talked about film in recent times. The film is riding high on unprecedented expectations. The Rajamouli directorial will get off to a record breaking start in the domestic market and also overseas.

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