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Star actress Samantha made her OTT debut with Amazon Prime Video’s The Family Man 2 which turned out to be a smashing success. The blockbuster success of this series has prompted Sam to sign another project with Amazon Prime Video which will helmed by Raj and DK who previously helmed The Family Man 2.

Samantha intense training for Amazon Prime series
Samantha intense training for Amazon Prime series

The latest update is that Samantha is undergoing special training for this Amazon Prime series. She is apparently brushing up her action-oriented skills as she will be performing several action stunts in the series. She is undergoing special training in the same. The South actress will be sharing the screen with Bollywood star Varun Dhawan for the series and she is raring to commence working on the same.

The said series will be funded by Amazon Prime Video and it will be the Indian adaption of Amazon Prime’s Hollywood action drama series “Citadel”. The Indian adaption will be shot on standard par with the Hollywood one. It will have several Indian actors in the lead roles. Samantha is playing one of the central roles in the same and the filming will commence soon.

On a related note, Samantha has reacted to the negativity she has been receiving after turning up to an event recently in a low neckline dress. “Now that we are all in the year 2022 can we finally stop judging a woman based on the hemlines and necklines she adorns and instead work on bettering ourselves? Turning the very same judgement inward and training it on ones own self is what we call evolution. Projecting our ideals on someone else never did anyone any good. Let’s gently rewrite the way we measure and understand a person,” she wrote

Samantha is also working on her forthcoming bilingual project Yashoda. She is in talks for a few more projects.

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