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Lately, Samantha has frequently been making headlines with her social media posts. Her latest photoshoot created a flutter on the internet. She treated fans with her scintillating and bold avatar in a green gown.

Samantha Says “Don’t judge me based on necklines”

In the pictures, Samantha can be seen wearing a green gown. She won hearts with her new photoshoot. But some netizens must have targeted her for showing deep necklines.

Slamming them, Samantha penned a note on her Instagram stories.

“As a woman, I bear first-hand knowledge of what it means to be judged. We judge women based on what they wear, their race, education, social standing, appearance, skin tone, and the list goes on and on. Making snap judgments about a person simply based on the clothes they wear is quite literally the easiest thing one can do. Now that we’re in the year 2022- can we finally stop judging a woman based on the hemlines & necklines she adorns and focus instead on bettering ourselves?” she wrote.

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